At M&J Quality Doors Pty Ltd we are committed to providing our customers with a ‘no fuss’ experience. We have our qualified staff on hand 7 days a week to assist you with choosing the right products for your premises.

M&J Quality Doors Pty Ltd been supplying top quality doors to Australian customers for over twenty years. We continue to expand our range to include the current trends and use the latest technology.

Your consideration is important to us, and having quality products that are of quality and innovation is our aim. At M&J Quality Doors Pty Ltd, our products will not only look great, but they offer a wider range of benefits such as reducing your heating costs, increasing security and in many cases raise the value of your property


We have qualified door installers on hand in every showroom to fit your new doors. When you purchase a fitted door from us, we will remove your existing door, trim or resize your new door and re seal if required then fit the door and any handles or accessories you have purchased.


This is where you find all the latest information on M&J Quality Doors Fire Doors and our products.

Some of our products include:

Fire rated and non-rated frames

M&J Quality Doors Fire Doors offer a large range of frame profiles to suit both fire rated and non-rated purposes.
We have metal architectural frames rated up to four hours.
We also have the option of a M.D.F finished frame for one hour use.
Frames can be manufactured in stainless steel, galvanized sheet and zinc anneal.

Fire rated doors and sliders

M&J Quality Doors Fire Doors products are tested and approved in accordance with the Australian Standards 1530 Part 4 1997 and British Standard 476 Part 22.
We have a range of doors rating from one hour though to four hours, in many different faces, M.D.F, paint grade ply and Tasmanian oak. These doors have the option for vision panels, air grills or Bolection moulding.
M& J Quality Doors also does fire rated access panels for our Fire Doors up to 4 hours rated. These panels can be screw fixed or hinged.
We offer a standard sliding fire door system which comes in a two hour and four hour rated module. There is also a two hour cross passage pressurised sliding fire door.

Fire rated glazing systems

At M& J Quaility Doors we offer a large selection of fire rated windows to complete fire rated glazing systems.
They are available in the following FRL’s:
Insulated are -/60/30, -/60/60, -/90/90, -/120/120
Non-insulated are -/60/-, -/120/-, -/240/-
These can be incorporated in a glazing system as windows with a steel or timber frame. Also can be used in single or double doors and also as a fire rated glass slider.
This fire rated glass is also available for use in fire doors to make a fully glazed or half glazed door that has a FRL of -/60/30

Solid and hollow core doors

We offer a range of solid core doors made from many different “core” materials. These are block board, particle board and L.V.L.
All of our solid core doors meet the Australian Standard 2688. They can be manufactured with many different faces including M.D.F, ply wood, white coat and decorative veneers.

Life Safety Doors & Smoke Doors

Life Safety Doors (LSDs) are doorsets which have smoke leakage certification as tested to Australian Standards 1530.7, and which may also have certified fire ratings as tested to Australian Standards 1530.4.
In recent years the demand for "smoke doors" has increased, largely due to the proliferation of Fire Engineered buildings. In many cases the doorsets required by the Fire Engineer's design calls for both smoke and fire resistance. Only Life Safety Doors offer a tested and certified solution for smoke and smoke/fire applications in both single and pair door combinations.
If you require more information on any of the products or would like to contact us please send an email or you can call our office during hours.


French doors are a pair of doors with independent and adjacent panels hinged on each side of the door way. When opened, both doors swing in opposite directions (inswing or outswing) to allow fresh air to flow through to your living space.

M&J Quality Doors custom made French Doors are designed and made to complement the design of your home. No matter what kind of French door you are after, the team at Top Door can help design and manufacture a number of configurations to suit any home or décor.

  • Multi-point locking system that tightly seals each door at the top, side centre and bottom
  • Available in inswing or outswing configurations
  • Glazing: fitted with your choice of standard, toughened or laminated glass


Sliding doors are commonly used to connect your premises to the outdoors while allowing some more natural light into your living space. They can also serve as a functional internal door to help make the most of the space you have.

No matter what kind of sliding door you are after the team at M&J Quality Doors can help design and manufacture a number of configurations to suit any customer need.


  • Heavy Duty Stainless steel Tracking system
  • Stainless steel mortice lock


As required under Australian Standards AS 5007 and state legislation, M&J Quality Doors recommend that all of its commercial door products be regularly maintained to ensure maximum efficiency of the equipment. Our aim is to keep the doorway safely operating for the people that it was designed to serve and in addition remain capable of operating correctly in the unlikely event of emergency evacuation due to fire.


When opening up and creating light in your premises, M&J Quality Doors Multi-Stack Doors provide the perfect solution. Our doors create a relaxed and spacious environment with easy opening. Available in 3, 4, 6 or 8 panel configurations, Multi-Stack Doors allow clear opening of two thirds compared to standard Sliding Doors, which only open to half their overall width.

Our range is constantly being improved and expanded and we now offer the exciting addition of combining two Multi-Stack Doors at 90 degrees, which can meet together without the need of a corner post. These Commercial Multi-Stack Doors have been designed with Australia’s unique architecture and climate in mind, offering a clean and contemporary look. The Multi-Stack Door allows architects and designers the freedom to achieve large expansive openings, without the need to compromise on performance or aesthetic appeal.

M&J Quality Doors Multi-Stack Doors have been designed with Australia’s unique architecture and climate in mind, offering a clean and contemporary look.